Wellness with a Spiritual touch

Energy Healing, Kundalini Activation, Soul Work, Personal Development,

Guidance, Astrology, Manifestation, Self Healing, Movement, Meditation, Nutrition... and more.

I call it Wellness for Mind, Body & Soul

soul coaching

Do you struggle with burnout, anxiety, stress, balancing your time and energy, trauma, not knowing your next step in life, sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalance, physical or mental problems, or maybe you just lost yourself a little and need help to structure your life?

Our work together is a mix of intuition, channeling, experience, knowledge, proven methods, and tools. Below your can see a list of some of the work we will be doing together:

  • Ground work
  • Manifestation
  • Energy Healing
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy and Aura protection
  • Shadow work
  • Breath work
  • Guided meditations
  • Putting together your unique life puzzle

Start date: March 2024

Sessions: 5 x 90 min

Language: English or Swedish

Location: Zoom

Price: $350 Early bird!

Sign up before January 31, 2024.

Regular price $400

Payment plan is available.

Limited spots available!!!

Send an email and put yourself on the waitlist here:

Welcome to Light Shells

As much as I love the fulfilling, enriching feeling of personal growth, I also strive to guide others on their unique journey. With self-awareness, alternate therapies and with a spiritual touch, you have the power within to heal yourself. Get to know yourself better, vibrate on a higher level and let your light shine.

If you're looking for guidance that serves as the bridge between therapy and coaching, I am here for you!

Astrology Reading

Let's take a look at your unique astrological chart and discover:

  • Sun, Moon and Rising signs
  • Your personality
  • Your feelings and emotions
  • Your love language
  • Your communication style
  • How you take action
  • Obstacles and challenges
  • Personal growth
  • Career development

We will reveal where all the planets and signs were at the exact moment of your birth.

This is Your Soul's Blueprint! YES it’s all written in the stars, based on your unique star configuration.

Simple Astrology Chart

Astrology Reading

Choose to get your astrology reading through a scheduled zoom call or in a written report.

All you need to do is to send your name, date of birth, exact time you were born, and in what town and country. I offer this service in both English and Swedish. Send me an email at hello@lightshells.com to book an astrology reading or if you have any questions.


Zoom call reading $55

Written report $55

Any reading is paid prior to the session via Zelle, Venmo, Swish, or PayPal.

If you wish we will record your zoom call and it will be sent to you after the session.

No extra fees to reschedule your zoom reading.

Simple Astrology Chart


Decorative Shining Stars

Do you feel unbalanced mentally, physically or maybe spiritually?

Are you curious and want to dig deeper into your spiritual journey?

Join me for a Kundalini Activation session. 1:1 in-person, group session, online.

What can you experience during a Kundalini Activation session:

During a session, I work intuitively as a channel and will focus on your different chakra points, and activate your Kundalini (your life force energy). I will guide you to access your energy centers, and help you to shift in consciousness. There will be a combination of movement, sound, meditation and other techniques that will cultivate awareness of your emotional and physical blocks. The transmission of energy will work as a vacuum, and clean away blockages in your body. Surrender to the process without attachment to any specific outcome. All sessions are unique and will differ from one another. Come with an open mind and an open heart and relax. Healing is not a knowing, it is a feeling!

What happens during a session all depends on where you are on your own spiritual journey, and your healing will unfold for you in your unique way and time.

Why do Kundalini Activation Energy Healing?

We all have the gift of healing ourselves. To connect or to reconnect with your inner self, your true essence means that you can start to unwind and detach from everything that is not you. Your past trauma, stored emotions, your mental patterns and constructs of reality that are limiting you from living your truth.

From previous practices, people have experienced reduced anxiety and lower stress levels, releasing mental, emotional and physical blockages, connections with the other side, increased self love, developed higher intuition and been having spiritual awakenings. The more you practice, the stronger you feel standing in your own energy, and living in balance and harmony.

*Disclaimer: No specific outcome is promised. Energy healing is not medical treatment.


Online group session Kundalini Activation $22

1:1 in-person Energy Healing + Kundalini Activation combination $111

1:1 Online private Kundalini Activation $77

Healing sessions are paid prior to the session via Zelle, Venmo, Swish, or PayPal.

All in person sessions are currently held in South Bay, Los Angeles. Exact address will be given after booking. Keep your eyes open for group sessions, online sessions, and special events on @lightshells instagram.

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Self Healing through Balancing your Chakra system.

I'm creating a course with intention to get you the tools you need, that will help you to get a deeper connection with yourself. You have the power within, to heal and to transform yourself. Through chakra healing you are infusing light, awareness, and consciousness into your body, mind, and soul.

In this course we discover:

  • The foundation of knowledge about the chakra system
  • Unique qualities and powers of the seven major energy centers in your body
  • The importance of keeping your chakras balanced and free of blockages
  • Tools and techniques for balancing your energy
  • Protect your own energy, letting go of energy that isn't yours
  • Chakra affirmations
  • Learn self healing through the chakra system
  • Improve the conditions of your overall wellness

About Emma

I have for the longest time been working on myself, for myself, and been doing my inner work. I’m here to share my knowledge and my experience that might be helpful to you. This doesn’t mean I’m done doing the job myself. I believe we go through life, go through things, we transform, we evolve, we’re becoming new versions of ourselves. It's the circle of life, that goes on and on and on.. We are always students and will never stop learning.

During my journey, I have collected inspiration from many beautiful souls out there.

I have been practicing energy healing, breath-work, yoga, pilates, meditation, spiritual circles, kundalini activation, shadow work, and inner child healing. Studying the chakra system, astrology, different personality types, reiki, crystals, and other alternative therapies such as Ayurveda, EFT tapping, reflexology and more. I have spent hours, days, months, years working with self love and self care.

I'm so fascinated how it's all connected. We are all one!

I had my spiritual awakening in the beginning of 2019 and since then I knew there was no going back to “the real world” for me. I discovered my purpose, and I know I’m here on Earth to help other people in one way or another. Today, I'm living my purpose as a Self Healing coach and a certified Energy Healer and Kundalini Activation Facilitator.

I’m Emma, a light, loving soul. With roots in Sweden, I have for the past eight years been living in California. As a sun seeker and beach lover this base fits me well. The beach is my happy place, and where I recharge my energy. I have always had a big need of living close to the water. I’m a constant seeker, love traveling and exploring new places and meeting new people (so I can’t wait to connect with you). I have always been curious about Astrology, and since I was a kid I have been reading and seeking for more and more answers about life.

I’m an Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon, and Gemini Rising.

My Beliefs

I believe in a balanced lifestyle, and a balanced health journey. I’m grateful that the western medicine exists. However, many factors have made the modern-day approach to medical conditions simple, by diagnoses, and medication.

In combination with alternate therapies you allow yourself to look at your body as whole, find the root of the problem, and then heal your body, mind and soul. This allows you to live a more fulfilling and enriching life.

My practices involve alternate therapies to help you grow on your unique life path. I will help you gain the understanding, tools and techniques for balancing your own personal healing energy, as well as receiving upgrades and clearings of energetic blocks that will improve the conditions of your overall wellness.

I believe there are many ways of finding personal growth, joy and fulfillment, and that’s why I offer a variety of classes, courses and workshops and will hopefully inspire you to live your life with lots of love and light.

If you're looking for guidance that serves as the bridge between therapy and coaching, I am here for you!


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“Emma has shown me the power and strength of how

important it is to go your own way and to always listen

inwards no matter what"

“You can’t really explain what is happening. You just surrender and things are happening”

“During my healing session, I met my mom who past away 10+ years ago.. It was a beautiful moment.

Thank you for opening my heart”

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